Hello, I am Lourdes Robles,
art director of
OAK Producciones.


  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Indesing
  • Marketing
  • Take care of animals

About me

I have trained and working as a designer in Spain and the US. My passion is coloring the world and animals.

OAK Producciones is my project, I created it when I returned to Spain after 7 years in San Francisco, California. I knew that my time of learning from the great teachers that I have been lucky enough to meet was over and it was my time. I view design with respect and affection, I see it as a great tool to improve any project. We could not think of any great brand without remembering their designs ... they are totally linked.

When I returned to Spain I was not very pleasantly surprised that the elegant and well done design was a luxury item, exorbitant prices not available to everyone. From Oak I offer a range of prices, I design with the same passion in each project, the difference in prices depends on the complexity that you want for your project.

More than 20 years of work guarantee me, in each one I leave something of myself, of everything I have learned ... and one of the most important things that I know is that in design you have to work with the client, you have to capture the idea and take it into account, only when the client is satisfied does my work finish.

I have been working with a team of freelancers for years in all creative fields through which I can provide solutions to any demand. I do not consider them intermediaries for my clients since I have always had good and fair prices with them.

We work in design, programming, photography, video, printing, hosting ... all fields in graphic arts and new technologies. You contract with OAK what you want, we make it come true.


20 years working in the graphic arts sector and new technologies, make OAK Producciones a reliable option that is committed to its clients.